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Metoxide hit the Vanuatu music scene as a solo artist at Fest’Napuan 2015. Some fans may be familiar with him from the ten years he played keyboard for Ruff Haos, while others will know him for his crowd moving shows at Fest’Napuan (2015, 2016, 2017), Reggae Faea (2016, 2017), Kivhan Festival (2016, 2017) and the 2016 Independence Celebration in Mele where he moved the entire crowd to their feet, shattering expectations and making his mark on the Vanuatu reggae scene. Metoxide’s carefully crafted lyrics, flawlessly executed in Bislama, English and meticulous Jamaican patois, are what set him apart from the traditional reggae/dancehall musicians many are familiar with. He finds inspiration for his lyrics in the complexities of everyday life, the experiences of friends and family, and in the societal changes taking place both in Vanuatu and beyond. A poet since a young age, Metoxide crafts clear, methodical messages that inspire people of all generations to maintain a positive mindset and live an honest, uplifting life. Over the last few years Metoxide has featured with many popular artists including Stan Antas, Jay P Nalei, Krasrut Star, Smol Fyah and Nawarake and has released two singles: Leave I Alone (2015) and Matnakara (2017).  His long anticipated debut album, “Reggae Agency”, was released on December 8th when he took the stage at Fest’Napuan for what was another ground shaking performance. 

                                                       By: Laura Jernegan

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